March 7, 2017

Denver Market Update

The Denver Real Estate Market feels a little like an episode of Groundhog Day. For the past several years, you’ve probably heard the same statements:

  • “We’re in a bubble!”
  • “The market is crazy. I can’t afford to buy right now”
  • "Prices are out of control"
  • “There isn’t any inventory ...
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July 30, 2015

Find Your Home’s Current Value

Finding the value of your home.

If you are thinking about selling your house, you need to know its value. The home’s value will shift over the years with the market and its upkeep. It is difficult for the average homeowner to correct price it because of this. A licensed real estate agent or broker, though ...

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March 8, 2014

Short Sale: What is It?

What is a short saleThere are many types of properties on the market ranging from condos to commercial buildings to detached homes. Within these, however, there are different sales to sort through as well. Most people know about the basic sale and foreclosures, but there are short sales, too. A short sale can take ...

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Jan. 30, 2014

Homebuyer Loan Programs for 2014

Find out about homebuyer loan programs.New changes that take place in January 2014 will shift how mortgage loans are determined. Loans will not longer be able to exceed more than 43 percent of your income and other debts are also taken into consideration. This move is to ensure that banks are not handing out more ...

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Jan. 10, 2014

Types of Mortgages

Figuring your mortgage.There are many types of mortgages available that allow most people to qualify for a home loan. Whether it is a standard fixed rate, adjustable, or government loan, each has its pros and cons along with minimum qualifications that need to be met. Read on to find the mortgage that ...

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