Denver is a large city that is full of activities for families. While many feature the outdoors, there are plenty of events that take place in smaller neighborhoods or downtown that can keep you warm in the winters. This list has some of the top places for families to visit that will entertain visitors and residents alike.

The Bubble Garden

There are a plethora of art galleries in Denver that beg to be visited. Most, however, are not child-friendly. To counteract this, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver has added an exhibit specifically for children. The Bubble Garden allows them to run, jump, smash, or otherwise rid themselves of energy with oversized plastic spheres and fake grass. It is fun for adults to look at and gives children who would otherwise be dragging their feet a place to go. The museum also offers other kid-friendly activities like painting, and other crafting choices along with giant stuffed chairs made for nestling into.

Casa Bonita Denver NightlifeCasa Bonita

Whether you want to eat or play, this place has it all. Casa Bonita is a delicious and local Denver restaurant featuring Mexican food. There is an all you can eat dinner for the very hungry or you can simply order one of the favorites like Fajitas or Gorditas. After your family fills the cracks in their stomachs with fried ice cream, head over to the amusement park filled with over 30 activities like puppet shows and arcade games. When you need a rest, sit down for one of the recurring shows like cliff divers, gunfights, and even a gorilla. Casa Bonita offers a lot of activity within one large building that everyone can be entertained by.

American Paintball Coliseum

If your family has older children that may be harder to please, check out the American Paintball Coliseum. This family friendly activity is indoors and outdoors so you have the opportunity to grab some fresh air.  The outdoor sector features old cars, buses, boats, and even some houses spread over 65 acres. The indoor arena is covered with Astroturf and fit for any weather. You can hide behind inflatable obstacles or large plastic tubes in a variety of heights. The Coliseum also offers laser tag that may be suitable for your younger children, and an outdoor airsoft area.

Butterfly Pavilion

The animal-lovers will appreciate the Butterfly Pavilion with over 5,000 animals. One of their main features is a tarantula that you can pet along with underwater sea creatures and over 1,600 butterflies. There is a large garden and trail to walk on as you view all the different creatures that are small, but beautiful. The butterflies may just land on you as you walk through a large indoor area where they are netted in for safety. Adventurous types can go to the learn and touch tide pool to pet sea stars and horseshoe crabs or visit scorpions, beetles, and other creepy crawlers in another sector.

Jungle Quest

If you can’t afford an exciting vacation, visiting Jungle Quest will make it feel like you had one. This is an indoor climbing facility that features rock climbing, zip lines, and rope bridges. Guides will keep you safe by supplying harnesses as well as their help as needed. For those who may want to avoid the 20-foot rock climbing wall, there are also slides, caves, bridges, and treehouses to explore. The incredibly faint-of-heart can watch it all from the viewing deck and experience it through their family members.

Other notable family friendly activities in Denver include:


  • Monkey Bizness

  • Aspen Grove

  • Boulder Falls

  • Berry Patch Farms

  • Denver Skatepark

  • Argo Park & Pool

  • Tiny Town Railroad

  • Pirates Cove

Whether you are looking for an outdoor activity to enjoy the sun or a place to get out the wiggles when it’s raining, Denver has it. This city has some of the best ski parks and nature areas in the state and the streets are lined with various family friendly fun events waiting for you to partake. This is one of the reasons that Denver is such a great place to live. Whether you want to start with a visit, or you’re ready to dive in, talk to your real estate agent for more information on the Denver neighborhoods.