There are not many places offering a close-knit community, historic homes, and the amenities of a metropolitan city. The Sunnyside Neighborhood, however, is one of the few that does. Located just outside downtown Denver, the area is a short commute away to theatres, offices, art galleries, and more. Within its two square miles, there are delicious local restaurants as well.

Sunnyside Neighborhood Amenities

Sunnyside Neighborhood Subdivisions

The Sunnyside United Neighbors, Inc (SUNI), whom works to bring the community together, runs this local area. It focuses on renovating parks, planning social events, and building commercial sectors. The city contains historic charm dating back to the mid-1800s as one of Denver’s original spots. It is a small sector established by the boundaries of 38th to I-70 and Federal to I-25. The neighborhood is broken into subdivisions as well that contain their own history.

  • Lewis K Perrin’s Farm: Land of the first successful farm in Colorado, which grew sugarbeets.

  • Perrin’s Addition: Pieces of Perrin’s Land were broken up into smaller blocks because of the farm’s massive size.

  • North Highlands: Grew during the Victorian era with many homes, though new construction has been added.

  • Village of Argo: Built around the smelting company that no longer exists, though original real estate does.

  • Unincorporated: Land consisting of farms and prairie.

Sunnyside Neighborhood

Though originally built by Irish, the area has a large Hispanic population. Due to the current revival, it is an ideal place for first-time home buyers. This is seen in the population that is averages 33 years of age. There are an equal number of men and women as well as married and unmarried persons. Homes in the area have an average listing of $405,828, though listings can be found in the mid-100s to 700s. There is a mixture of historic homes featuring brick, curved lines, and old appeal with modern new builds. Public transit makes it easy to commute downtown and by 2016 it will go to Boulder as well.

Sunnyside’s Schools

There are approximately 1,600 children in schools throughout the neighborhood. The student population is quickly growing, but Denver offers some of the highest rated schools in the country. The public schools include extracurricular activities like sports, arts, and music. There is also a special education staff for any child who needs it. Parents rate the schools with an average of four out of five stars with teacher and principal quality especially high.

Elementary Schools

  • Brown International Academy

  • Centennial Elementary School

  • Columbian Elementary School

  • Edison Elementary School

  • Sandoval Elementary School

  • St. Catherine of Siena School

  • Trevista at Horace Mann Charter School

Middle Schools

  • Skinner Middle School

  • West Denver Preparatory

High Schools

  • Denver North High School

When you want to be part of a community that believes its residents matter, the Sunnyside Community is it. There are a number of monthly and annual events like happy hours, pizza parties, and the Sunnyside Music Festival. Whether you want a historic home that has seen the decades or a straight-line new build, the neighborhood has it all within an arm’s reach of downtown Denver. If you want to experience the small town feel with the big city amenities, contact David Person at Colorado Homes Connection to start your search.