Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or just need to sell, paying attention to market trends can help you figure out when to sell. Along with that, there are also tips for selling your home faster if you don’t get a decision in when the sale needs to occur. Instead of searching for the information, we’ve done the research for you so you can decide when and how to sell your house.

Market Trends

Currently, the value of houses has increased and is slowly returning back to its 2007 value. Along with the increase in value, there has also been a higher interest rate added onto loans. This combination has slightly slowed down the pace of the market with fewer homes being sold. The number of homes for sale has increased and Denver is still successfully buying real estate, just not at the rate or purchase price you may think the house is valued at. But, depending on your neighborhood, this may be a good time to sell your home in Denver.Capital Building in Denver Colorado Home Sales

Most Desired Neighborhoods

·         Cherry Creek

·         Highland

·         Stapleton

·         Capitol Hill

·         Five Points

Most Active Neighborhoods

·         West Colfax

·         Country Club

·         Globeville

·         Northeast Park Hill

·         City Park

Time of Year

Believe it or not, when you sell your home can predict how long is will be on the market. Most houses are listed during early spring and into the summer months because this when more purchases occur. When people are buying, they want to be in the house before the new school year starts and the colder weather. This gives them time to get settled before other big changes may begin. As it gets into fall and winter, people start focusing on the influx of holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December holidays. This leads to decorations and family gatherings, which means fewer people are willing to sell. Listing prices are typically lower during this time, too.  But, you may find it is a good time to sell your home in Denver because there will be more interest in your home with fewer on the market.

If you need to sell your home to move out of state or for financial purposes, you may not get a decision on when to list your house. Luckily, the market is pretty steady right now so while you may not sell quickly for a profit, you can still successfully leave your house. Use the following tips to get your house noticed by potential buyers.

Tips to Sell Quickly:

·         Stage an empty home so potential buyers don’t have to imagine spaces

·         Clean clutter

·         Paint with neutral colors

·         Have a scented candle or freshly baked cookies

·         Get rid of pet evidence: litter, animal toys, any pet smell

·         Maintain your yard for good curb appeal

When you are ready to sell your Denver home, contact David Person at 720-854-9501 or at David@ColoradoHomesConnection.com .  He can help you decide what your house needs to sell, when to list it, and how to price it.